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Vendy – Best Shopify Theme for Fashion with Beautiful eCommerce Design


The big update for Vendy is now available. Grab a multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion for

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$58 only!!!

Viral trends come and go but clean web design is proud to be a modern classic. That’s why take your sits and get ready to overview our new Shopify theme for fashion. It’s called Vendy and it’s styled in minimalism to assist your eCommerce business for years. 

In case you are familiar with themes for Shopify by Zemez and their undisputed perks, click on the attached buttons. This action will speed up the process of your code-free online store creation.

Moreover, Vendy is the 1st eCommerce theme recommended by EnvatoTuts+! It’s also a clear sales leader. Already more than 700+ owners of this theme, thanks to all the best advantages, have a successful fashion business. A constantly improving Vendy is also a priority for the Zemez team. 

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The multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion has been updated with a major update! Now with Vendy, you will get:

  • new skins: a perfect Lookbook white skin to represent fashionable seasonal clothing; an elegant Lingerie skin in beige design to represent unique underwear.
  • Updated LookBook section (now with this feature you can make video product demonstrations, slideshow, and present a unique product style). 
  • A single product section is added.
  • Built-in Smart Search & Filter by Searchanise (a unique search application that uses a search results page and merchandising tools to boost your shop conversion rate).

The best news is that right now you can buy Vendy theme at a unique price! You have the opportunity to buy Vendy for just $29! For the best price, you can get the best fashion theme with fresh updates.

Shopify Theme for Fashion?

Vendy is developed with fashion in mind. In other words, it will highlight the best sides of your products, no matter how they can change from season to season. This Shopify theme is your way to create a high-grade visual image of your brand. Plus, it’s beneficial for the promotion of both, high-street labels and even baby toys. Assuredly, the multipurpose elegant and up-to-date Vendy will provide you with the impression of custom-made design by fitting your ideas. 

Shopify theme for fashion

Similarly, this Shopify theme for fashion will suit any other retail just as perfectly as selling clothes, accessories, or shoes.

Best Features in One Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

You probably want to get your online store up as quickly as it’s possible. How to do this? First of all, make sure you work with the right eCommerce platform. Secondly, choose a theme from a trusted provider loaded with lots of everything to facilitate your task.

Up to this, Shopify is really worthy of your attention. Today, it’s known to a wide audience of supporters as the leading eCommerce solution. Also, Shopify easily integrates with all payment systems and varied currencies. It boasts flexible shopping carts, wishlists, and diverse product filters letting everyone tweak up stores as they like. And, this platform is friendly to Amazon, eBay, Houzz, etc.

Shopify theme for fashion

Plus, the Vendy multipurpose theme for fashion goes with Shopify Builder for visual page editing. This tool can save the time of newbies and even real pros by letting them customize websites not touching a code line. For example, the whole process of site setting and its maintenance is available by dragging the elements you need and dropping them in a relevant place on a page.

Versatile Homepages in One Shopify Theme 

Above all, Vendy is, without a doubt, a complex all-purpose theme that currently comes with 10 smashing homepages. They are dedicated to fashion but feel free to adjust them up to your view.

There are also:

  • blog page layouts;
  • 5 Listing pages;
  • 5 Product pages;
  • 2 About Us pages
  • Lookbook pages;
  • 2 Collections pages;
  • 3 newsletter pop-ups;
  • configurable headers and footers.
Shopify theme for fashion

Also, by choosing this multipurpose Shopify theme, you’ll benefit from many important features and smooth stable performance. The clean Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion is:

  • lightweight and SEO-friendly;
  • compatible with all browsers;
  • responsive and retina-ready;
  • social network integrated;
  • multilingual.
Shopify theme for fashion

This will help your site stand out from competitors to delight your visitors. In addition, Vendy provides full-fledged buyer support, and pre-made working forms for subscriptions, searches, testimonials, etc. 

As for other elements of the Vendy Multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion, you’ll like:

  • a shopping cart and wishlist that perfectly meet the main design;
  • scalable catchy buttons and several banners;
  • pre-designed product listings and grids;
  • a huge variety of gallery styles;
  • dropshipping capabilities;
  • animation transitions.

Mobile-First Design

Forget about extra site versions for mobile use. Save your time and costs on extra mobile designs and extensions right now! To clarify, find the best mobile-friendly Shopify theme. Or, better look closer at what we can offer you. 

Well, Vendy is one of the alternative Shopify fashion themes with a responsive retina-ready design. Relying on it, you’ll omit multiple problems by getting a smooth adaptive design. As a result, your online shop will be open for all visitors. Moreover, it will stay attractive the same no matter what devices they prefer. Your selling products or services will look the way you want on every screen. Plus, pages of your eCommerce site will show the highest loading speed on all modern gadgets. 

Official Shopify Application Integration

One more possibility to use our Shopify theme for fashion is to create appealing floating buttons or add Facebook Messenger to your store. And, this useful enhancement is available for free due to the integrated apps by Hura.

Shopify theme for fashion

They all are included in the Official Shopify Store:

  • Floatton ‑ Floating Buttons (by Hura) will improve the user experience of your online store. With it, you can easily attach floating link buttons to the content you prefer. As a result, your visitors will be able to find it quicker. Plus, such buttons are attention-getters themselves, as they highlight necessary information on your site.
  • Hura FB Messenger is a trusted one-click way to add the Facebook Chat widget in your shop. Such an app connects your Facebook page with your store. And, when someone sends you a message via the Facebook Chat widget, it appears automatically in the inbox of your Facebook page.

Caring Support

Aren’t you sure if your skills are enough to work with the broad functionality of Vendy? Please believe that this product is packed with all the mentioned features just to be useful for you. Likewise, Vendy is an all-in-one eCommerce tool based on the most trusted SaaS platform. It’s developed and designed to cover any purposes of modern users. With Vendy, everyone will find the best eCommerce options up to their projects. 

So, don’t you think that it’s time to blast off your business? Great! Start with the Vendy Shopify theme and rest assured to be backed with friendly technical support. As well, there are complete instructions on how to build an online store by customizing Vendy. And, due to the Installation Wizard, you will set in motion all the page layouts in a couple of clicks.

Now, hurry to check our multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion on your own! And, be ready to meet new demos of Vendy shortly.

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