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I am really Impressed by your Supportive action..!! As I am Oracle & Specialist but I know very Little knowledge of Web Development. But As a Software Analyst I can say Zemes Team has good potential to Explore WordPress. Keep it up..!!

arifonline007, Qatar

Awesome support. Can you imagine the team fixes the issue in like 15 mins of reporting the issue. Never seen such fast customer support/tech support. I wish the team comes up with more components for this and this is the only plugin for elementor. Awesome job and worth the money spent on.

ironmarine, India

JetElements had important option i needed and Author responded quickly to my inquiry and provided full info on what i wanted to know. Awesome support and product. Looking forward using it.

biochemartista, Germany

Love JetElements and think its the best plugin for Elementor! I have them all. Thanks for the update with templates, look great and look forward to additional templates and widgets in future. Give a high five to the awesome team 🙂

andersonmichael, United States

Very talented team with great support ! I am really enthusiastic about the clever design, especially considering that it’s only the beginning. JetTabs along with theirs others Jet……. Elementor-based plugins seems to be one of the most promising tools in today’s rising paradigm of associating any theme with the free Elementor 2.0 for unlimited personalized development.

usernameMi, Ukraine

JetBlog is a wonderful extension for the Elementor pagebuilder. It has amazing customization options, and every aspect of the design looks amazing and clean. It’s a nice tool for a news website, it just make your life easier. Congratulations to the developers’ team, amazing work.

ramenguy, Mexico

JetBlog is amazing addon for Elementor from ZEMEZ. This product was released at the perfect time for my new project and has saved me hours of possible design time. Keep up the awesome work ZEMEZ

Zansus, no country

I fell in love with JetBlog addon from the first seconds. As soon as I saw on Facebook that the plugin went on sale I immediately bought it. Decided to go for Elementor from Divi since Dec 2017 and such great add-ons make the development process more interesting. Thank you so much for such awesome product! Must have for blog-websites built on Elementor!

MaksymPS, Ukraine

Excellent Cosmetro template, work team very attentive to all requirements and help for cases in detail where there are problems, I thank them for their help and very fast in their response to tickets, I recommend them a lot.

sigmasoft, Colombia