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Zemez company has 15 years of extensive experience in web development and design fields. They are adept at creating top-notch products to help our customers bring their ideas into reality. The team never stops and constantly experiments, modernizes and introduces innovations.

David Braun, TemplateMonster CEO

The themes built by Zemez team are multiple and possess everything one might need when creating a website, from 100 percent efficiency and top-notch functionality provided by powerful plugins, to immaculate appearance and clear layouts!

Max Kiryanov, Crocoblock CEO

Zemez projects tend to be creative and non-standard. I always look for unusual approaches to implement the bravest concepts, and that’s why I choose Zemez products! It’s always interesting to experiment with different topics and interfaces. Whenever I find the best solution for the project interface, I am happy.

Andrew Bacon, Web Designer

I am an online store owner, and for me it’s very important to be able to add products to the web page and sort them. I like Zemez WooCommerce templates  because they allow to display products on the pages, and there is an easy-to-use  shopping cart.

Curt Hillam, Online Store Owner

I often have difficult tasks in front of me, but I really enjoy solving the problems. The results are exceeding all expectations, so it makes everything worth it! And it is a pleasure to know that the customers enjoy our products too! Actually, it is the reason I continue purchasing templates at Zemez.

Helen Martinson, Web Developer

It’s a pleasure for me to work with Zemez web developers team. Everyone has a unique point of view on a matter, and I have made a point of using their products  in search of the best option for solving project issues. The more I purchase from them, the better product!

Sean Martell, Web Developer

It’s impossible to get around Zemez products! I’ve bought a template some time ago, and I can’t help admiring the powerful functionality of themes and plugins! The products are innovative, and enter the market before they become part of the overall trend. Actually, Zemez is a trendsetter!

Victoria Morales, Blogger

I like it when I have to work on non-standard projects. That’s why I purchase extensions from Zemez team. I handle different issues, and solve the most complicated problems using their templates! Each of the products I work on is different from the others, so all of them require unique approach!

Garret Nicolson, Web Developer

I’ve been purchasing templates from Zemez since 2013, and I was continuously delighted to get the themes of top quality, that fully meet my requirements. I buy themes only at Zemez because this team really monitors the quality of products.

Steven Wayne, Cherry Framework Developer

I’m involved in creating innovative products. Whenever a new concept appears, it seems that it will be difficult to implement it. I like to use Zemez extensions to accomplish my tasks. And I always find the best solutions to satisfy my clients!

Andrew Wright, Cherry Framework Developer