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Terms of Service

Please carefully read the following terms of service to learn how you can use the products and services acquired from Zemez, and what terms and conditions are applied to the items represented on Zemez official website (later referred to as “website”).

1. License terms

1.1. Premium items license

All of our premium themes are licensed under the One-time Usage license.

This means you can use the template purchased from Zemez official website on a single project only. It may belong to you, or to your client.

If you want to use the same design for more than one project, you’d have to repurchase the theme.

In case a One-time Usage license doesn’t fit your project, please, feel free to contact our team to purchase the item from Zemez under specific license terms.

1.2. Free items license

All the free items available for downloading at Zemez, are licensed under the GNU general public license v.3.0.

This means you can use the free product on any number of projects belonging to you or to your clients without limitations. You are also allowed to make modifications in the free items to fit your purpose and redistribute the item under the GPL license.

2. Support and updates

Zemez team grants the support of the purchased premium item for 1 year.

The support includes:

  • Access to the documentation;
  • Access to our Tutorials base with various instructions and tutorials;
  • Answering general questions about using your template;
  • Answering technical questions about built-in features and functionality;
  • Providing information on how the theme is designed, and how it works;
  • Guiding you on how to get the most value out of your template;
  • Help with the plugins, modules, components, and other assets included in the theme package;
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues in the theme;
  • Updates and fixes to ensure the theme works as described.

Expected response time:

  • The expected response time to customers within the free support plan is up to 24 hours (it can vary depending on the volume of inquiries, the nature of the request, and other factors);
  • Expected response time for addressing complaints and refund requests – up to 12 hours.

Please, check Support policy for more details concerning the cases in which our team provides or cannot provide support.

3. Refund policy

Zemez team will provide a refund on the following occasions:

  • The product wasn’t delivered. If you haven’t received a delivery email and the order wasn’t sent, you should contact our team and submit a refund request during 14 days from the date the order was made. If the refund request concerning non-delivery is not submitted during this period of time, the product is automatically considered delivered.
  • Major defects. All of our products are carefully tested before release. We guarantee the quality of the products we offer. If you have faced an unexpected error that occurred because of the low quality of the product, we will take immediate actions to provide the fixes within 75 hours from the moment the defect was submitted. If the defect is not removed, we’re ready to provide a refund.
  • Please, note, that sometimes to reproduce the issue our team will need access details. In order for our team to be able to provide the fixes, we’d need access details. Failure to provide such access in a timely manner may result in a delayed resolution of the issue. Refusal to provide a level of access sufficient for troubleshooting and resolving an issue may lead to declining a refund request.
  • The product wasn’t described correctly. This request can be satisfied if made in 14 days starting from the date of purchase. If the request is made after 14 days have passed, it won’t be satisfied. It’s important to provide proof of the wrong description of the product in order to submit a refund.
  • The service is not rendered. Our team provides a refund if the service was canceled before the Zemez team started to work on implementing it.
    The service wasn’t delivered on time. Every service has its estimated delivery time, which starts from the moment the client has submitted all the needed data and has provided all the necessary access details.
  • In case the service included several milestones and not all of them were accomplished, you can be provided with a partial refund.

Our team can’t issue a refund in case the product isn’t compatible with a third-party plugin, addon, or script. We grant the quality of our products but we can’t predict the compatibility issues because of the wide range of third-party products on the market which can be incompatible with our product.

4. Images and fonts

All the images included in Zemez products are royalty-free and are an inseparable part or our products. It is forbidden to use and part of the product provided by our team separately. These actions are considered unlawful.

5. Ownership

It is not allowed to claim rights of the products that belong to Zemez and are represented on website. These products are Zemez team’s intellectual property.

Zemez team has a right to investigate complaints about the breach of this agreement, and take actions we deem appropriate, which might include addressing the law enforcement officials, disclosure of your information, which is necessary for the investigation.

6. Liability limitation

Zemez team is not responsible for any loss, loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind, caused by:

  • errors or misleads on the site or in any of the products;
  • issues with the site and its functionality;
  • your usage of the site;
  • your percieval of the content posted on the site;
  • any other performance issue that has occurred without our fault.

7. Payment

When purchasing an item or a service, you guarantee that:

  • you have provided true credit information;
  • the payment made by you was processed according to all the rules of the banking system.

8. Disclosure of information

It is not allowed to disclose any information about your order, such as iD, download link, etc, to any third party.