Terms of Service

Please pay attention to the following Terms of service to learn what products and services can be acquired at ZEMEZ, and what are the license terms applied to the items and services you can get from Zemez.

1. License terms

All our themes are licensed under the GNU general public license. You are allowed to remove the copyright information in the footer and make any modifications you want to your themes.

2. Support and updates

Zemez guarantees the support of the purchased products according to the rules of the marketplace where the product is purchased.

Please view the Support policy page for more details.

3. Services

The services represented at Zemez website, are provided by Zemez team according to the descriptions at zemez.io website.

3.1. The deadline for the service
Each service has its set deadline, and our team guarantees that the service will be provided within the set timeframe.

It’s important for the client to provide all the necessary data needed for the service before the team starts working on the project.

he project is considered to start when the team has received the requested data and has confirmed that it was received.

4. Refund policy

Zemez team can issue a refund on such occasions:

1. In case you’ve acquired a product by Zemez team from the marketplace, the refund will be made according to the rules of the marketplace.

2. If you’ve purchased a service from Zemez, the refund will be made on such occasions:

  • in case you don’t need the service, and have notified our team before we have started working on providing it;
  • if there was a delay and the service wasn’t delivered in set time because of the problems from the service provider’s side. The delivery time starts from the moment the team has received all the needed data from the customer and has confirmed this fact. In case the refund request wasn’t submitted in time, it might be declined;
  • in case the service was provided not as described, a refund request should be submitted within 14 days from the moment the project is finished. You’ll also need to provide evidence that the service you’ve received doesn’t match its description;
  • in case the service included several milestones, and not all of them were accomplished, you can be provided with a partial refund.

5. Images and fonts

All the images included in Zemez products are royalty-free and are an inseparable part or our products. It is forbidden to use and part of the product provided by our team separately. These actions are considered unlawful.

6. Ownership

It is not allowed to claim rights of the products that belong to Zemez and are represented on zemez.io website. These products are Zemez team’s intellectual property.

Zemez team has a right to investigate complaints about the breach of this agreement, and take actions we deem appropriate, which might include addressing the law enforcement officials, disclosure of your information, which is necessary for the investigation.

7. Liability limitation

Zemez team is not responsible for any loss, loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind, caused by:

  • errors or misleads on the site or in any of the products;
  • issues with the site and its functionality;
  • your usage of the site;
  • your percieval of the content posted on the site;
  • any other performance issue that has occurred without our fault.

8. Payment

When purchasing an item or a service, you guarantee that:

  • you have provided true credit information;
  • the payment made by you was processed according to all the rules of the banking system.

9. Disclosure of information

It is not allowed to disclose any information about your order, such as iD, download link, etc, to any third party.



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