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Yes, you can easily become an affiliate and take part in the affiliate program at Zemez, earning money from every purchase made by those who were led from your site to ours.

Keep reading to learn the terms and how you can apply to become an affiliate.

1. How to become an affiliate

Zemez is happy to welcome all the new affiliates! To join the program you’d need to have a website, where you should be able to add a unique affiliate link to Zemez to be visible for all the visitors.

Please, contact us to join and start earning money for new clients!

2. How much can you earn?

You’ll receive 10% from each successful purchase made by the client who was redirected from your site via the affiliate link.

E.g., one successful purchase of any WordPress theme at Zemez for $75 will bring you $7.50.

The more visitors come from your website our way and purchase products, the more commission you get.

3. What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payment that can be processed is $200.

4. When the payouts are made?

Usually the payment is made in case the total earning is over $200, during the first 15 business days of the month, that comes after the month which covers the 30 days money-back guarantee.

Only after the guarantee expires the purchase is considered to be successful.

5. How to become an affiliate?

Please contact us to apply for the affiliate program at Zemez.

After the successful submission you’ll receive access to your personal affiliate account where you’d be able to:

  • Get a unique affiliate code to use in the link;
  • Download the creatives and banners to use in the promotion;
  • Get access to the full statistics of the revenue and number of purchases you get from the referral links on your website.

6. Where can I see how much I’ve already earned?

You’ll be able to see it in your affiliate account.

Contact us to join the affiliate program now!

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