Creating Posts from Administration Panel

A post is definitely one of the key content components, which can bring a website to its success. This is why it is so important to create posts in order to become popular among the visitors.

In this tutorial we will fully uncover the posts creating process.
A post is an element of your website’s structure, which contains different kinds of content.

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Adding a New Post
  1. To add a new post you’ll need to enter Administration panel of your website (the Dashboard) using your login and password.
  2. Then navigate to Posts tab in the left column of Administration panel. Click on Add new.
  3. Start creating a new post. Add your content to the empty fields.
  4. Click Publish button.

As you can see, the process is rather simple and clear.

Post Options

Now let’s overview the fields and options you can use while creating a new post.

  • Title — here you can input the headline of your new post.
  • Content — here you can enter all types of content, from text to images, links, galleries, video, and audio information, that you want to publish.
  • Preview — you can use it when you need to know if your content needs further formatting, and get an impression of how it looks from your website’s page.
  • Save draft — you can use this option if you are not ready to publish a post, but you still want to save your content. If you want to learn more about posts visibility and creating drafts, feel free to read How to Change Page Visibility tutorial.
  • Publish — here you can publish a newly created post.
  • Permalink — it is the link to your post, click on Edit button at the end of the link to edit it.
  • Post format — here you can select your post format to customize your content presentation. There are such post formats, as Standard, Aside, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Video, Audio, and Status.
  • Categories — here you can add a new post to one of the existing matching categories, or add a new category (to do this click on Add new category link in the Categories block).
  • Tags — in this field you can add tags, that match your content topic and main idea. To separate tags use commas.
  • Excerpt — here you can define a custom short excerpt, that will become a sort of teaser to your post. If you don’t define the excerpt, it will appear automatically.
  • Featured image — here you can assign a featured image for the post. It will be displayed as the main post image on the Posts page, in Posts carousels and sliders, as well as on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks when you share post link.
  • Single post style — here you can choose the style for your single post.

If you need to display other blocks, like Author block or Custom fields, click on Screen options button in the top right corner of your post editing window.

Adding Different Content

Depending on what post format you need to create, you can enter different kinds of content to the content field.

This tutorial is based on Marigold WordPress theme.
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