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Color scheme change

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  • Any colors of your choice
  • Fast customization
  • Performed by professionals
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Estimated time: 24 b.h.

Need your website to be recognizable? Set your branded colors throughout your website

1. We’ll make changes in the theme’s color scheme

Our professionals will make the changes in the default color scheme used on your website now, and set your branded colors, or any other colors of your choice, instead of the ones used now. The process is fast, and our team can guarantee that the color composition will look good.

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2. The service’s great for raising awareness of your brand

The right color scheme will be easy to recognize for visitors, that will associate it with your brand and your business. Your website’s colors will speak for themselves and will highlight the fact that the website belongs to you and is an inevitable part of your business. The changes can be made for colors used for typography, backgrounds, links, icons, and buttons.

3. The color scheme will set the mood to your website

The colors can convey stories and ideas to your visitors, stir emotions. The correct use of the color scheme will both ensure that your content is highlighted in the right places and stays readable, as well as help you set a mood to pass it on to your visitors and prospects.

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