Magento 2. x. How to Install Theme Using Fullpackage

In this tutorial, we are going to overview the instructions on how to install a Magento 2. x theme using fullpackge.

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You can download the fullpackage through thу link included to the template package in the magetique_fullpackage.txt file and then follow these steps:

1) Create a new (!empty) database and the user as shown in this guide -> here.

2) Import the dump.sql file from the /template_package/sources/sample_data/ to an empty database via PhpMyAdmin area. See the detailed instructions in the following tutorial – “phpMyAdmin. How to import sample data dump file“.

3) Upload the to your site folder on the server and unzip it.

4) Open the site in the browser to go through the online steps and complete the installation.

Make sure to leave the database prefix empty for sample data to apply to the site.

If you have some Magento engine installation issues, feel free to check the following tutorial.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to how to install Magento 2. x. theme using fullpackage was useful. The tutorial on Uploading and Unzipping Files (cPanel) may be useful as well.

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