Magento Engine Installation

When you are done with uploading files, you can move on to the Magento engine installation process.

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Open your browser and in the address bar type your ‘domain name/path to your Magento directory.  Please follow the instructions below to install Magento.

Before you begin, make sure that your system meets the requirements specified in Magento System Requirements.

If you are installing the theme using fullpackage, import the dump.sql file from the /template_package/sources/sample_data/ to an empty database via the PhpMyAdmin area before inserting database information on step 2 Add a Database during online installation steps:magento-fullpackage-note

1.  Installation Assistant

Please read the agreement carefully and make sure you fully understand its contents.

If you agree to the Terms click the “Agree and Setup Magento” to continue the installation.
magento engine installation

3. Server Readiness Check

Click the “Start Readiness Check” button to check your server settings compatibility with the Magento 2 engine requirements.
magento engine installation
Once the process is done, click Next button.
magento engine installation

4. Database connection

Here you need to input the database details and some initial settings. Add a Database – input your host name, database name, database user and password. Contact your hosting provider, if you don’t have the necessary details.

Make sure that you have a database created for the Magento installation. Remember, it should be clear and shall not contain any tables.

magento engine installation
If everything is correct, click Next button.

5. Web Configuration

Here you can change Magento admin panel URL and the main store address. Other settings you can leave unchanged.
Remember the admin panel path.
magento engine installation
When you are done, click Next button.

6. Localization

Select the required time zone, default currency and store language. You can select default modules that should/shouldn’t be installed, in the Advanced Modules Configurations section. We recommend you not to perform changes in this section.

magento engine installation
When you are done, click Next button.

7. Create Admin Account

Here you need to input personal details for the store owner. You also will need to specify the log-in data for web-site administrator.

[notice type=”warning”]New Email, New Username and New Password each, is necessary for accessing Magento website admin panel. Please keep the data confidential

magento engine installation

8. Install

Press the Install Now button to start the store installation process.
magento engine installation

9. Success

This is the final installation step. Copy the generated encryption key and keep it safe.
magento engine installation

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