Newsletter & Email Templates. Mailchimp Integration

Our support team is ready to present you with a new tutorial that will become an indispensable guide to integrating an email template into Mailchimp. Generally, email marketing continues to be one of the better-known digital marketing methods used by entrepreneurs and other business owners. It plays a crucial role in every marketing effort due to several reasons. 

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Moreover, email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your target audience more easily using personalized and target messaging. For example, if you’re running a SaaS business that sells web-based software, you need a great email marketing strategy from marketers and strategists. This is to reach out to your potential customers and guide you through the SaaS sales funnel stages

However, it’s essential to know that making a relationship with prospective customers through email marketing can be a bit problematic. This is especially true if you have to code emails from scratch from time to time, which is a daunting and time-consuming task. Instead of doing this, you can develop a reusable newsletter and email template to boost your email marketing efforts. Yet customizing templates by yourself can be challenging. This is where integrating an email template to Mailchimp comes into the picture. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email service providers available today. 

So, if you want a better result, take better actions. You can improve the outcomes of your online marketing campaign with Newsletter & Email Templates integrated on Mailchimp

Email Mailchimp Integration

The following are the steps for integrating an email template into Mailchimp:


  1. Zip the content of “newsletter\mailchimp” folder which you can find inside your template package.
  2. Log in to website.
  3. Go to the Templates tab. Click on ‘Create new template’.
  4. Navigate to the Code your own tab and select the Import Zip file.
  5. Enter the template name, select the .zip file which you have created in the template package, and click on the Upload button.
  6. Make sure to click the Save button.

That’s all, now you know the way to integrate the e-mail template to MailChimp.

Ensure you get the most out of the incorporated email templates to optimize your email marketing efforts. With Mailchimp’s prebuilt templates, your business can connect with your customers and prospects easily, which is essential in building a sales funnel. 

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