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How to Apply Custom Product Image Dimensions

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to apply custom product image dimensions to display products in an attractive way.

Applying Custom Product Image Dimensions
  1. First, let’s log in to WordPress Dashboard. Here you need to locate WooCommerce > Settings tab on the left.
  2. Switch to Products tab at the top of the page. Then select Display options.
  3. Locate Product Images block. Here you can apply your custom dimensions for catalog images, single product image, and product thumbnail images.Custom Product Image Dimensions
  4. Uncheck the Hard crop option if you want to resize the images instead of cropping them.
  5. Click on Save changes button to save the changes.
  6. If you want to resize the previously added images you can use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Install and activate it. After that, you need to navigate to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails tab on the left of the Dashboard.  
  7. Click Regenerate All Thumbnails button.