How to Add WWW to Website URL Address

Today, you’ll learn how to change your websites URL address and add WWW to it.

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Adding WWW to a Website URL Address

  1. First, log in to WordPress Administration panel (Dashboard). Then navigate to Settings tab in the left column. Here open General sub menu.
  2. In the WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL you’ll see the URL address of your website. Add www right after http:// in both of the fields and save the’s URL address
  3. Now you know how to change your website’s URL address.

Is WWW Important in a Website URL Address?

On the one hand, the letters “www” represent the Internet, through which access to public information is provided. This info is located on many web servers connected to the Web. The WWW prefix means that, in most cases, the page will be accessed using the HTTP protocol. On the other hand, www. is a site subdomain.
Users are divided into two categories. They are those who enter addresses of sites with the www. prefix, and those who specify addresses without it. Is the www prefix really necessary now?
This prefix was written to indicate that a website URL address belongs to the World Wide Web. Different servers hosted different parts of the site or project, each of the servers had their own IP address. And, all of them were located in one domain. The FTP server was located on one computer, and the mail server was located on the other, etc. Currently, most of the services work on one server.
Technically, a domain that is prefixed with www. and a domain that comes without prefix are different entities. This is so even if a website owner is the same. Their content varies.

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