How to Manage Currency Switcher

This tutorial shows how to manage currency switcher in WooCommerce templates.

  1. Open the Plugins -> Installed Plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard. Make sure the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin (e.g., v.1.1.9) is installed and active. In order to disable the switcher, simply deactivate this plugin. 
  2. Since it’s a WooCommerce extension, it’s integrated into the WooCommerce settings. Open the WooCommerce -> Settings section and click on a Currency tab to check the options available.  
  3. In the free version of the plugin you can operate with 2 ANY currencies only. If you want more currencies and features you can make an upgrade to the premium version. As for the moment, you have 2 currencies available under the Currencies tab: usually, these are USD and EUR. You may change them to any other ones if needed.
  4. Navigate to the Options tab to update the view, select the prices display options, etc. 
  5. The next tab is for the Advanced configuration – for example, you may allow Individual GeoIP rules for each product here.  
  6. The GeoIP rules tab allows you to select the preferred currencies for the needed countries. 
  7. The last tab is entitled with the Info label – and it actually contains the links to all you need to learn while working with the currencies selector. For example, here you may find the link to the plugin’s documentation, FAQs section, the free flags icons offer from the plugin’s developers and a quick start video guide.