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The 6 Best WordPress Media Folders Plugins


Explore the best WordPress media folders plugins for sorting and organizing your WordPress media library and optimizing your images.

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Best WordPress Media Folders Plugins: How to Manage Your Content

Content is only complete with media uploads such as videos, images, and audio clips. Research shows that photos and videos can significantly increase engagement. WordPress presents a myriad of features through incredible plugins. Knowing the best plugins is the first step towards entirely using WordPress. 

Today, if you’re searching for the best WordPress media folders plugins that can change the face of your content, ease your work, and increase engagement, this is precisely where you need to be. This article will explore the top 6 best WordPress media folder plugins.

CatFolders – Best WordPress Media Folders Plugins


Nothing is more demanding than tracing a single image in hundreds of them. Web designers need a tool to help organize their files for easy retrieval during the web creation process. The CatFolders plugin is an excellent tool for this.

CatFolders – WordPress Media Folders plugin enables you to create many folders in WordPress and move them across different pages. You can drag and drop individual files across folders or move them in bulk. This plugin also allows you to access the most recently opened folders without struggle. You can also collapse and expand the folder sidebar for convenience when working with this plugin. This plugin has that provision if you want to view your files in list or grid format.

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It works seamlessly with WooCommerce. So when you need to insert a product picture into the WooCommerce order confirmation email, you will be able to find it in the product folder categories very quickly!

With this plugin, you can also:

  • Sort files by file name, date created, etc.
  • Sort folders, search for the folder name, and rearrange folders.
  • Create subfolders automatically by uploading folders from your computer.
  • Upload files to specific folders.
  • Import customized folders.



With many media files, you may need help organizing and keeping track of each file. The good news is that FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders is one fantastic media folder plugin that simplifies everything. It has incredible features that let you take charge of your media files. For instance, you can easily drag and drop the images, videos, audio, and other media file types from the media interface into the folder.

FileBird is also compatible with many other WordPress plugins, making it easy to edit your content to your preference. Famous WordPress themes such as Avada and Divi builder are also compatible with this media folder plugin. This is precisely what you need to produce high-quality content for your audience.

FileBird lets you: 

  • Have complete control over your media files.
  • Move files in bulk.
  • Choose a specific folder at a time.
  • Export the contents of a folder.
  • Change each folder color using your custom colors.
  • Pick your favorite folder theme as Dropbox or Windows styles.
  • Publish FileBird document library.

Imsanity Plugin


Images can indeed enhance content engagement on your website. Even so, too large images will work to your disadvantage. Specifically, large images can consume a lot of storage on your site, which will end up slowing down the site altogether. Your readers may need more patience to load for every new page to load, and they leave the site before the conversion takes place. Keeping this in mind, you need to upload images of the correct size.

While this sounds easy, dealing with hundreds of pictures can be hectic, especially if you have to resize them one by one before or after uploading. That’s where the Imsanity plugin comes in handy. This plugin lets you resize uploaded images in bulk. You can save time resizing each image individually. You need to select the images to be resized and enter the expected size, then sit back and watch Imsanity unleash the magic.

With Imsanity, you can: 

  • Set dimensions and expected quality for each image.
  • Have your images resized automatically upon uploading.
  • Upload images in bulk.
  • Convert images from BMP and PNG to JPG.

Media File Renamer


When dealing with many files and folders, you may need help identifying each, especially if the file names look similar. For instance, WordPress image files usually have cryptic strings of characters, which makes it difficult for web developers to differentiate them. Thankfully, the media file renamer plugin renames all the media files to make the identification process more manageable and shorter.

For any file containing symbols and numbers, the media renamer plugin will change the name to something more precise and unique. It removes the characters and words in the file with a name that depends on its contents. Even better, the renaming process is automatic. So, you only need to select the files to be renamed and wait for the final product.

HappyFiles WP Plugin


Another excellent media folder plugin makes working with many folders straightforward. As the name implies, the HappyFiles plugin lets you have an easier time working with many files. This plugin allows you to create many folders and subfolders that will make your experience easier. For instance, if you have a large number of images, you can arrange them in different folders. This way, you will have an easier time retrieving each file.

With the HappyFiles plugin, you can:

  • Organize all kinds of media files.
  • Create a directory for each file for easy retrieval.
  • Replace media files with others.
  • Trace folders and content easily.
  • Manage your content more easily.

FooGallery Plugin


FooGallery lets you create many photo galleries from the ones you have in storage. It provides a variety of themes from which you can choose and set up galleries for easy access to images. Even better, this plugin has advanced settings that allow you to customize the pictures to your liking. In general, FooGallery makes the management of image files on WordPress an easy and enjoyable affair. You can access a lot of pre-built themes depending on your preference.

With this plugin, you can do the following:

  • Create uncountable galleries.
  • Load images and videos faster.
  • Import videos from third-party sites such as YouTube.
  • Access images and videos more easily.

Best WordPress Media Folders Plugins Conclusion

WordPress and WooCommerce have unlimited features, all aimed at making your content user-friendly. These features also make it easy for web developers to build online store websites that can attract traffic, offer currency switcher and converter, and increase the conversion rate. As a developer, you only need to understand how these plugins work, and you will be good to go. Take advantage of the top 6 best WordPress media folders plugins discussed in this article and take your content a notch higher.

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