How to remove powered by Shopify?


You’ve built your Shopify store and used its grand themes. But now you’re in trouble because there’s “Powered by Shopify” at the bottom of your website. This tag goes against your branding plan, which is not good. It’s not a big problem, but it’s better if you know how to remove powered by Shopify from your online store.

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Many people don’t even know what Powered By Shopify means. This can be not very clear to customers, especially if they don’t understand the eCommerce platform market.

Essentially, this line in the footer indicates that your website is powered by the Shopify eCommerce platform, as well as payment processing, a database, and other potential tools such as social media and omnichannel selling.

Let’s get to work. This will take you quite a bit of time.

Go to Online Store -> Themes, click the Actions button, and choose Edit code.


Use search to find the correct file. Type “footer” in the search bar and open the footer.liquid file.


Press F5 to open the search, type “powered” and run the search.


Remove {{ powered_by_link }} and save the changes.


Here is how you uninstall Powered By Shopify using the easiest method. Perhaps you need more clarification about getting rid of the slogan. Or if you’d like to share some other methods you find effective, let us know in the comments section below or contact us. Read also what is .fig file. Detailed Vendy Pro Shopify theme package overview.

You can see for yourself that our tutorials are very simple. They will make it much easier to work with your Shopify store. Stay tuned for more useful information.

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