Magento 2. How To Edit Contact Us Page Title

In this tutorial we are going to show how to change the Contact Us page title in Magento 2.

There are 2 methods to edit the text on the Contact Us page.

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Method 1. Edit The “contact_index_index.xml” File

1. Go to your Magento store root folder.

2. You need open the contact_index_index.xml file to edit.

3. The file is stored under the app\design\frontend\TemplateMonster\themeXXX\Magento_Contact\layout folder.

4. You will see the following code (the same or a similar):

You can change the page title (line 3 in the example).



! Remember to save the file changes.

5. To make changes appear  you need to clear Magento cache and reload Contact Us page in a browser.

Note: The browser tab title will be the same as the page title.

Method 2. “Translate Inline” Tool

1. In order to use this method, switch to your Magento store Dashboard.

2. Then go to the Stores menu and tap Configuration.

3. Expand the Advanced (1) tab on the left, click Developer (2).

4. Go to the Translate Inline (3) section.

5. Set Enabled for Storefront  option to “Yes”(4).

6. Press the Save Config button.

7. The next step is to clear Magento cache.

8. Now you can edit the Contact Us page text right from the Frontend.

Useful Tutorial:

* In this tutorial you’ll find the instructions on how to edit Contact Us link in the footer section.

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