Magento 2. How to Add Content to Contact Us Page

This tutorial will help you to find out how to add some custom content to Contact Us page which is not editable by default. Despite that, you can easily add some content to the Contact us page using static blocks and widget

1. Firstly, navigate to Content on the left in your Magento admin panel and open Blocks tab.

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contact us page

2. Create a new static block and fill it in with the information you want to include to the Contact Us page.

See the tutorial on How to add CMS Static Block.

3. Once you have that, navigate to Content, then Widgets and create a new Widget.

See the tutorial on How to add new Widget.

4. Choose CMS Static Block as a content type for your Widget.

contact us page

5. After filling in the fields, make sure to add a layout update at the bottom of the page, choosing your Contact Us page. You can select among the available positions in the layout update section.

edit contact us page

6. The last step would be selecting your new Static Block for this widget.

contact us page

7. After this, clear the cache and reload the page. The Static Block should appear now.

Now you know how to easily add some content to Contact us page. Happy website building!

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