Magento 2. How to Change Ajax Wishlist Title

This tutorial will help you to find out how to change the Ajax Wishlist pop-up title (see the image below) the customer can see after adding an item to the Wish List.

magento wishlist

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1. First, you need to go to your Magento root directory (your Magento 2 installation folder) via FTP or cPanel.

2. After doing that, navigate to app\code\TemplateMonster\AjaxWishlist\view\frontend\web\js\ folder.

3. Now you need to edit the ajaxwishlist.js file.

Find the following in source code:

4. You need to replace Ajax Wishlist with a new title (line 4, 18, 26 in the example).

You should get something like this (Wish List is new title):

Save the file changes.

Important: To make the new title appear on the storefront reindex Magento data and clear Magento cache.


The Ajax Wishlist pop-up title was successfully changed to the new one.

wishlist title

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