Magento 2. How to Change Store Switcher Symbols Limit

Having an online shop in different languages is a great opportunity to sell your products for customers all over the world. The languages switcher gives such an option for site visitors to select the site view in the needed language.
The language is usually shortened to first three letters, that is why instead of English you will see Eng or instead of Layout – Lay.

If you want to show the whole language name perform the following steps:

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1. Connect to your server via FTP or FileManager in the hosting panel and open your site directory.

2. Navigate to app/design/frontend/TemplateMonster/themeXXX/Magento_Store/templates/switch folder (XXX in themeXXX stands for your theme number, for example theme007).

3. Create the backup (make a copy) of the languages.phtml file and then open it using any code editor.

4. Find this code (around line 38):

5. Change it  to:

6. Save the changes.

Note: you will probably need to clear Magento cache and re-index data to apply the changes to the website.

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