Magento 2. How to Remove the Page Preloader

This tutorial will work you through changing pages preloader in Magento 2 themes which is an animation you see while the content of your website is loading.
Setting up your own animation is quite troublesome and requires much more advanced knowledge than simple logo addition. This is why this tutorial is not going to cover that part.

1. In order to get started, connect via FTP or cPanel to your root folder with Magento install.

2. After doing that, navigate to app\design\frontend\TemplateMonster\themeXXX\Magento_Theme\templates\page_preloader.phtml (here themeXXX is your theme name).

3. Below that, in a div element with page-preloader ID, remove divs with tm-cube classes, leaving only the one with tm-thecube class, as such:

Change the Image

Now you need to add a CSS rule with your new logo. Just add it next to the #page-preloader rule above as follows:

Now, save the changes and clear cache. The updated preloader should appear on your site.

Remove Preloader

To remove the preloader completely, you need to edit the page_preloader.phtml file that contains the script which adds animation to the preloader. So, the next step would be removing the script:

Just remove all these lines completely or comment them out.