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Video Marketing As a Winning Strategy for Business Promotion


Video Marketing Strategy 2022

In conditions of total digitization, promoting a business online has become a necessary step for its successful scaling. Marketing in the digital space provides an abundance of tools, strategies, and tactics to realize specific business goals and use the budget with maximum financial return. In this article, we will look at video marketing, which every year gains new momentum and becomes a priority choice among entrepreneurs. And it surely is considered to be one of the leading eCommerce trends in marketing strategy 2022.

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What business tasks does the video format solve?

At this time, the most effective way to convey information to a potential client is to create video material. Visual perception affects the human subconscious and causes a quick emotional response: the viewer remembers what he sees better, analyzes faster, and has a higher level of trust in the product or service about which he learned something new.

Emotions create a mood, that will help the consumer to take the next step – to buy the product or remember the brand. The figures show, that 71% of customers who have seen the video, subsequently buy the product.

It is convenient to pack the key product benefits into a dynamic video presentation, which shortens the negotiation process and automates personal sales. 

Quality video content is an effective way to attract new audiences and increase sales. Most popular Internet resources, media platforms, and search engines rank video content better and give it a priority in impressions. Videos can be posted not only on your corporate site but also on free video hosting and social networks. This contributes to additional sources of traffic. 

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Entrepreneurs take full advantage of video content opportunities and quickly stand out from competitors. Organizations that began using this marketing tool a few years ago are now one step ahead and make several times more profit.

How to implement video marketing using YouTube?

Every year, the number of video views on YouTube increases exponentially. It is the most demanded tool where, by creating high-quality video content, you can create a personal brand and build social capital. The decision to develop a personal brand is a guarantee of long and fruitful cooperation with your audience.

Developing a personal brand not only guarantees fruitful and lasting connections with your audience but also allows you to establish a distinct identity in the digital realm. Utilizing a free online YouTube video editor enables you to produce engaging and professional videos, facilitating the growth of your brand and expanding your reach.

Before creating a cohesive marketing and content strategy, it’s important to determine a portrait of your target audience and understand their key pains, problems, challenges, and goals. Based on this information, you can build a more personalized approach, and create an effective sales funnel and advertising campaigns. It will be easier to make a unique offer and find triggers.

Channel design is the face of your brand. The first impression and user retention depend on this. Therefore, focus on the quality of materials, high aesthetics, and intelligent positioning yourself as an expert to get real YouTube views.

One of the main criteria for packaging a YouTube channel is its level of popularity and involvement. People pay attention to reputable resources and focus on brands that are trusted by the majority. So, at the start, it is effective to buy real YouTube views, subscribers, likes, comments, etc. High statistics form a social proof trigger, as a result, it creates a trusting first impression on the channel and increases the loyalty of video hosting algorithms.

How to create an effective content strategy? 

Decide on the main topic you will develop on your channel and several related ones. It is recommended to analyze your competitors to determine which content formats are most in-demand and which tactics are the most profitable. Using someone else’s experience, it is much easier to strengthen the strategy, accelerate progress and avoid possible mistakes. An effective video should serve a specific purpose: to build interest, build trust, educate, inform, motivate, and increase sales.

Focus on the educational format since it summarizes your experience, and provides valuable materials, insights, tips, and maximum benefit. The audience watches the video tutorials and instructions and learns some secrets and techniques after watching them.

Show your business through expert content, but do not overload the audience with advertising. It’s effective to record interviews, comparisons, and reviews to answer all of your audience’s questions and prevent objections. 

Use video testimonials from customers. Approximately 89% of users become more favorable to the purchase of a product after watching a video review. Reviews allow them to learn more about a product, and its key properties, both positive and negative. A high number of reviews reduces fears, increases trust, and credibility in the brand, and ignites the desire to buy.

How to promote videos?

With the overpopulation of advertising, Internet users have developed banner blindness, so people increasingly ignore direct advertising. Now, many brands actively invest in influencer marketing to use a particular blogger’s credibility and get traffic that consists of a warm and loyal audience.

You can find bloggers manually or with the help of third-party platforms. They are advertising exchanges, Telegram chats, and services for selecting influencers. You should ensure the blogger’s expertise, values, and interests match your brand, and that your target audiences overlap before cooperating.

It is efficient to collaborate with small niche bloggers with an organic and active audience. Since they have closer relationships with their subscribers, they integrate far more effectively than large influencers. Moreover, the cost of their services will be much cheaper, and they are more willing to cooperate on barter terms. 

The choice of advertising format depends on what goal you are pursuing. For example, exclusive videos with reviews work well for improving reputation or handling negativity. They show the product in action and talk in detail about its features and advantages. Recommendations, advertising inserts, and the provision of unique promo codes help generate sales.

To sum up, today, content plays an important role in promoting brands. Moreover, video content has great potential to increase the marketing impact: video can go viral, and increase the reach of consumers and their emotional involvement. It’s the most effective way to build trusting relationships with potential customers and monetize them with high conversion rates.

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