Uploading Files to a Server Using FTP

If you want to make your site unique and spice it up, there is an easy and user-friendly way to fill it with all the necessary images, text and other files. Everything can be uploaded via special file managers. It won’t take much effort to complete the necessary steps.

From this tutorial you’ll learn about uploading files using FTP manager.
There are several ways to upload files to your hosting server. You can use one of the hosting control panel tools with the file manager, which can be used to upload the files.
Feel free to read detailed instructions on Uploading Files to a Server with cPanel.
You can also use the FTP manager like Filezilla, CuteFTP and other programs, that need to be downloaded and installed additionally. Sometimes they are considered being more helpful, than hosting file manager tools. Proceed to reading this tutorial to learn more about the process of uploading files to the server using FileZilla.

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Uploading Steps
  1. After FileZilla software is downloaded and installed, open it, and you will see the following window:
  2. Put your hosting FTP server details in the areas marked with blue:
    • FTP address or hostname;
    • username;
    • password;
    • port (usually it is 21, but it can be different).
    You can learn all the necessary details from your hosting provider.

  1. Click Quickconnect button, and you will get access to your server.
  2. Your server root with system folders will appear, and you’ll have to place your website files into the folder, called public_html, web, or www (the title can be different for each hosting provider).
    It is highly recommended to contact your hosting provider or check the hosting FAQ to learn how to upload website files.
  3. Next, you will see the Filezilla window, divided into 2 columns.
  4. The folders and files on your computer are in the left column, (we marked it with blue). The folders and files on your hosting server are in the right column, (we marked it with green).
  5. You can easily upload your files to the hosting server by dragging them from the left column to the right one. You can also select the file or folder in the left column, right-click on it and select Upload.
  6. Congratulations! Your files are successfully uploaded via FTP manager.
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