Creating MySQL Database with GoDaddy

The following guide will help creating MySQL database with GoDaddy!

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GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars od nowadays. As well, it provides website hosting services along with the main task. The company has been working for many years and is really an old one. GoDaddy is trusted by millions of customers in various countries. Also, there are lots of GoDaddy’s offices around the world.
Despite the fact that GoDaddy provides full-fledged hosting services (both conventional virtual hosting and VPS and server rental), you should remember that domains are in the priority. In a word, GoDaddy services are quite affordable both in terms of functionality and price.
Moreover, GoDaddy’s award-winning support is one of the main reasons why people migrate their websites to it. Another widespread reason is, of course, prices, as well as the extension of domain names for 1 year. Plus, if you already have one or more of GoDaddy products, transferring a domain, website or hosting makes it possible to consolidate them on one platform. This helps manage them.

Benefits of Creating MySQL Database with GoDaddy

MySQL is one of the most common database management systems on the Internet. It’s used to work with large amounts of information. However, MySQL is ideal for both small and large web projects. Plus, it’s fully free.
More than that, reliability, high speed, and flexibility are the main qualities of MySQL. Working with this system is not difficult, as support for the MySQL server is automatically included in the delivery of PHP. MySQL is also provided under the terms of the general GNU license (GNU Public License, GPL).
How do MySQL databases work?
When a user tries to open a site page (page.php), before its loading will come to end, the following will happen on the server of the hosting provider:

  • PHP code from the page.php file will be executed.
  • All text content of the page will be read from the database (database.sql).
  • Styles will be read from the styles file (style.css).
  • At last, the user will see the page.

Now, discover the way of creating MySQL database with GoDaddy step-by-step!

Step-by-Step Creating MySQL Database with GoDaddy

  1. Access your GoDaddy Hosting Control Panel and login.
  2. Navigate to MySQL Database Wizard located under the Databases section.
  3. Enter the title for a new database in the required field.
  4. Create a new user and type in the password to access a database.
    Creating MySQL Database (GoDaddy)
  5. Check all the privileges for the user.
  6. Now you’re ready to use a new database.

Hopefully, in this post, you’ve found all the answers to creating MySQL database with GoDaddy!

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