Creating a Menu

You might need to create a menu if you want to show links to your website’s pages or third-party links in one of your menus.

A menu — is an element of your website of a crucial importance, as from the informativeness of your menu depends the clarity and easiness of navigation through your website. Now let’s learn how to customize and create a menu.
Menu Customizer Location
To edit menus enter Customizer and open Menus tab, that can be found in the left column.
At the top of Menus tab you’ll see Menu Locations sub menu, that will offer you to select the location for every existing menu of your website.
The most common locations of menus are:
top – a selected menu will be placed at the top of your website;
main – a selected menu will be located in your website’s main (content) area;
footer – a selected menu will be positioned at the bottom of your website’s page.
Sometimes there are also landing and social types of location. Whenever you choose them, you’ll be able to place them at the landing page of your website or in the area where your contacts are to be shown. For example, a social menu can be shown at your website’s top panel in the form of icons leading to your social networks.
To customize or add a new menu you’ll have to return from Menu locations sub menu to Menus tab. Here you’ll see the already existing menus in the form of a list. usually they are called Footer menu, Main menu, Top menu, Social menu, after the areas where they are to be shown. But you can rename them and change the items that are listed in each menu from the list.
To customize already existing menu open it. You’ll see the items which are included in the menu. If you want to change a link or its name, left-click on one of the items and edit URL, link label and its description.
If you need to add items to the existing menu, click on Add Items button, that will open the additional panel, where you can create a new menu item using one of the existing page of your website or a custom link.
You can also change order of existing menu items. To do it click on Reorder link, that is shown under the list of menu items, and reorder options will appear. You can change items order by clicking on the arrows controlling item position in the menu. When you’ll be finished with the reordering, left-click on Done button.
If you want to create a new menu from scratch, go to Menus tab and press on Add a menu button. A field will appear offering you to type in your new menu name. Then you’ll be directed to menu editing panel, where you can edit it the same way you’ve edited existing menus (e. g. add new items, change display locations). You can make any page of your website a menu item or, enter custom links sub menu, where you can input a custom link URL and text, that will describe the link as a menu item. After doing that click on Add to menu button, and a custom menu item will be adjoined to a new menu.
When you’re set with menu items, select your new menu location.
There is also an option called Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu, which you can enable or disable at will.
Feel free to create new menus, try different menu locations to achieve the best efficiency!

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