How to Enable/Disable Sticky Menu in WordPress in Some Clicks

Nowadays, lots of popular WordPress websites are supplied with sticky menus. While ordinary navigation menus appear at the top and disappear when users scroll down pages, sticky menus are quite accessible from any part of a site. They help visitors go to the desired section very quickly.
Sticky menus help visitors go to the desired section very quickly. So, in this guide, we’ll show how easy it is to enable/disable the sticky menu in WordPress.


How to explain the “sticky menu” term the most precisely? A menu that appears at the top of a page while scrolling down is called a sticky menu. Generally, it’s implemented in the form of a header. Sticky headers allow users to go to any section of a WordPress website not scrolling up. By the way, most modern WordPress themes support sticky menus by default. Especially sticky menus look and perform perfectly on landing pages. Being really long, landings need navigation that for sure won’t disappear. This is the right way to enhance user comfort.

Check Plugins to Create Sticky Menu in WordPress

Here are to your consideration some of the best sticky menu plugings. Each of these tools is supposed to create and customize sticky menus in several clicks. Try them on your own.

Setting Sticky Menu in WordPress

  1. Log in to WordPress Administration panel (Dashboard).
  2. Proceed to Appearance tab in the left column. Click on Customize to open Customizer page.sticky menu wordpress
  3. On the left find Header tab. Navigate to Main Menu.sticky menu wordpress
  4. Now you can enable and disable the sticky menu. To do it check or uncheck Enable Sticky Menu option.enable/disable sticky menu

Well, as you see to set a sticky menu in WordPress isn’t complicated. Wait for more tutorials!