How to Manage Currency Settings (based on "Cherry real estate" plugin)

Since Cherry real estate plugin is supposed to display properties together with their prices, it comes with a few options to adjust the way those prices are shown.

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  1. To change the currency symbol or its position, navigate to the Properties > Settings tab in your Dashboard. 
  2. At the very first ‘Main’ tab you will see the currency settings. They are mostly self-explanatory and quite similar to currency options in different e-commerce engines. 
  3. Currency: here you can choose the currency symbol. By default it is set to $.
  4. Currency Position: this setting defines whether the currency symbol is placed on the left or on the right of the price.
  5. Thousand Separator: defines the symbol used to separate thousands. By default it is a comma.
  6. Decimal Separator: separates decimals. By default it is a full stop.
  7. Number of Decimals: defines how many digits to show after the decimal separator. By default it is set to 2.

Now you know how to manage currency settings in Cherry real estate plugin.

This tutorial is based on Furniture WordPress theme.
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