How to Sell Products Coming Out-of-Stock

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to sell products coming out-of stock when there are still several items left.

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Dealing with Out-of-Stock Products
  1. First of all, access your WordPress Dashboard. Here you need to locate Products tab. Here you can view the list of the products represented in your store.
  2. Hover on one of the items and click on Edit option to edit the product.
  3. Scroll down the page to find Product data block. Here you need to open Inventory tab to access stock management.Sell Products Coming Out-of-Stock
  4. Enable Stock management at product level option. Now you’ll see additional fields where you can set these options.
    • Stock quantity — define the value for the number of stock items.
    • Allow backloaders — if allowed, the stock quantity can go below zero. You need to allow them in order to sell the product that is coming out of stock.
  5. To continue selling variable products, you’ll need to verify the stock for variable items and link them.
  6. Now you can continue selling products that are running out of stock.
This tutorial is based on Fashion Blog WordPress theme.
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