How to Edit "Add to Wishlist" and "Add to Compare" Button Text

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to edit Add to compare and Add to Wishlist button label text in WooCommerce themes.

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Editing Button Label Text
  1. First, let’s login to WordPress Dashboard. Here navigate to WooCommerce > Settings tab on the left. Add to Wishlist Button Text
  2. Switch to TM Compare List block. Add to Wishlist Button Text
  3. Scroll the page down to see Compare button text field and Remove button text field. Change the button label text according to your needs. Add to Wishlist Button Text
  4. Here you can also change the Page button text, Empty button text and Empty compare list text. Feel free to set your custom text whenever you need to do it! 
  5. When everything is ready click Save changes button.
  6. Now switch to TM Wishlist block.
  7. Here locate Add to wishlist button text field. Input the text you want to use instead of the standard Add to Wishlist preset. 
  8. You can as well edit Added to wishlist and Wishlist page button text presets. Please, feel free to choose the button label text according to your needs. 
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