How to Get Rid of “Unable to Create Directory” Error

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to get rid of “Unable to Create Directory” error.

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Solving “Unable to Create Directory” Error
  • The problem might occur when there is an incorrect link indicated in WordPress. Let’s check it up. First, enter WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Editor tab in the left column.
  • Here you need to locate the functions.php file on the right. Click on it in order to open the file for editing.
  • Scroll the file to its end and add the following lines of code at its end.
  • Update the file in order to save the changes.
  • Now let’s navigate to Settings > Media tab in the left column of the Dashboard. You’ll see “Store uploads in this folder” block. Here you can check if the path is correct.
  • As a result, the error will be solved. If the error persists to show up, you’ll need to check the permissions of wp-content/uploads folder. If you don’t know how to do it, feel free to read How to Change Files and Folders Permissions tutorial.
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