How to Cope with the "Stylesheet is missing" Error

The error “Stylesheet is missing” can occur when installing a wrong ZIP to your WordPress. Usually, you get this error when you’re uploading the full template package instead of the theme itself. To avoid this follow the steps below.
Template Installation
  1. First, you should unzip the template package. This can be done with any archive manager like WinZip (PC), StuffitExpander (MAC), etc.
  2. Please, check the following tutorials on how to extract files from the archives with WinZip (PC) and StuffitExpander (MAC).
  3. You should open theme folder. You will see, manual_install folder and sample_data folder. Here theme_name stands for your actual theme name – such as monstroid2, bellaina, etc.
  4. The is the one you should upload to WordPress. The package might also contain the – in this case, both packages have to be uploaded. To do it, you need to log in to WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance tab, which includes Themes submenu.
  5. Go to the Appearance >Themes menu in your WordPress Dashboard and click Add New. Then you will see the Upload Theme button at the top. Click it.
  6. Install the file from the theme folder.
  7. Click the Activate button after successful installation of your theme to change the current layout of the site to the theme you purchased.
  8.  If your package contains the archive along with the actual parent theme package, repeat the procedure (upload the child theme archive to WordPress and activate it).
  9. When the upload is completed you may proceed to the sample data import. Please, don’t hesitate to read Manual Sample Data Installation tutorial to learn how to do it correctly.
This tutorial is based on Restaurant WordPress theme.