How to Format Post Excerpt

Post excerpt is a short passage of the post content that uncovers the main idea of the whole post. When defining post excerpt you might want to use HTML formatting. As a result, the excerpt content can be displayed in the wrong way.

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to format post excerpt.

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How to Format Post Excerpt
  1. First of all, let’s log in to WordPress Dashboard (Administration panel). Navigate to Posts > All Posts tab in the left column of the Dashboard and locate the post where you need to format an excerpt. Click on Edit option to open post editor.
  2. Usually, you’ll see Excerpt block at the bottom of the post editor page. If not, click on Screen Options menu at the top right corner of the page and enable Excerpt option.format post excerpt
  3. Now you can navigate to Excerpt block and fill in the required field with your custom post excerpt.format post excerpt
  4. If you need to apply extra formatting, you may use HTML tags.
    Keep in mind, that post excerpt content may be different from the post content. It has to uncover the main idea of the post, to represent post content when the post is in the posts list.
  5. Click on Update button to apply all the changes.
This tutorial is based on Furniture WordPress theme.
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