How to Add SVG Format Support in Cherry Framework 5 Themes

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to add SVG format support in Cherry Framework 5 Themes.

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  • First, to add your file to Live Customizer in SVG format, you need to install and activate SVG Support plugin.
  • To add SVG format support for Cherry Framework 5 navigate to Appearance tab in the left column of the Dashboard. Open Editor submenu and locate inc/hooks.php or functions.php file.
  • Scroll the file to its bottom and add the following code lines to it.
  • You have to define the file extension as the key in $mimes array, and specify its value in the mime type.
    E.g., ‘svg’ => ‘image/svg+xml’.
  • You can find the list of file extensions and mime types here.
    • Then, locate style.CSS file on the right side of editor and add the following code lines.

      [notice type=”warning”] CSS may vary depending on your template!

  • Now you can return to Live Customizer and upload your files with SVG extension.
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