Magetique. How to Manage Ajax Wishlist Extension

Here you can find the instructions on how to manage Magento 2 Ajax Wishlist extension.

The Ajax Wishlist allows you to add products to the wishlist without having to navigate to the separate page.

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In order to configure this module, you should navigate to Magento admin panel and choose the Stores > Configuration section in the left side menu.

Then choose the TemplateMonster > Ajax Wishlist item on the new page on the left side.
Let’s review the module configuration:

  • Enable — this option allows you to enable or disable the module. (Example 1)
  • Show spinner  — this option allows enabling spinner display while adding an item to your wishlist.
  • Show Success Message — this option allows enabling pop-up message display after adding an item to your wishlist.
  • Success Message Text — here you can define a text message to appear in the pop-up window after adding an item to your wishlist. (Example 2)

Example 1
Example 2


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