Magento 2. How to Create a Store View with a New Language

Having an online shop is a great opportunity to sell your products to customers all over the world. That is why it is worth having the site in different languages. In order to do it in Magento 2, you need to create different Store Views.
NOTE: Make sure the needed store view language is installed. If it is not, you can check this guide to do it.

1. In Magento admin panel navigate to Stores > All Stores and press the Create Store View button in the top right section.

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2. Enter the following settings:

  • Store – Select the Store that is the parent of the view.
  • Name – Enter a Name of the store view. For example, French.
  • Code – Enter a Code in lowercase characters to identify the view. For example, french.
  • Status – To activate the view, set the Status to “Enabled”.
  • Sort order – (Optional) Enter a Sort Order number to determine the sequence in which this view is listed with other views, “0” would make this store view show up first.

3. Press the Save Store View button.

4. Navigate to Stores > Configuration.

5. In the top left section, set Store View to the specific view where the configuration is to apply. In our case, we should select French.
When prompted to confirm scope switching, tap OK.

6. Now, you need to switch the Magento mode from the production to the developer. Here you can find the instructions on how to do it > Set the Magento mode.

7. Go to General > General section nowClick on the Locale Options section.

8. In the Locale tab deselect the “use website” checkbox that makes the field not editable and choose the language you would like from the drop-down.

9. Press Save Config.

Note: you will probably need to clear Magento cache and re-index data for changes to apply on the site.

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