Magento 2. How to Install New Language

This tutorial is intended to show you how to install the new language to your Magento 2 based store.

In order to install the new language you need to perform the following steps:

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  • Install language using composer or manually;
  • Create a new store view;
  • Assign locale to your store view;
  • Deploy static files for the installed language.

1. In order to install language, connect to your SSH, navigate to the Magento root installation folder.

2. Then run the following command:

Where de-de is your locale.

3. Go to your admin area and navigate to Store > Settings > All stores.

4. Create a new store view for your store: add the name, code (for example de or Deutsch), do not forget to enable this store view.

5. Go to the Store > Settings > Configuration and choose your newly created store view in the top left corner.

6. Then in the General section expand Locale options tab and uncheck Use website. Choose the locale, in our case German (Germany).

7. Save the changes.

8. Open your SSH client and run the following commands from your root Magento installation folder:

Where de_DE is your locale.

9. Once you store view is created you will need to assign manually all the content that you have on your main language to the newly installed (e.g. pages, blocks, widgets).

Note, that in some cases your server will assign different permissions or owners to pub/* and var/* folders and your site will look as simple HTML markup.

In this case, you have to run the following command from the root Magento folder:

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