Magento 2. Add Search Terms

Search Term is the actual word or string of words your customers are searching for on your website.

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To add new search word, do the following:

1. Switch to your Magento store dashboard and go the Marketing menu, then tap Search Terms under the SEO & Search menu.

search terms

2. You’ll be redirected to the Search Terms Manager page.

3. Click the Add New Search Term button.

Search Terms

4. Enter new search word or phrase in the Search Query option text field and select a Store View the search term will be available for.

magento Search Terms

  • Redirect URL — you can redirect the search result to any URL.
  • Display in Suggested Terms — to use the search as the suggestion for any search result, set the option  to “Yes”.

5. (!) Make sure to save the Search Term.

search term

6. Clear Magento cache.

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