Magento 2. How To Set The Developer Mode

In this tutorial you’ll find out how to enable Magento developer mode.

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Log In To Your Magento Store Server

Log in to your Magento store server as the Magento file system owner.

You may need to generate the private key (.ppk) and download in to your computer.

Use the following command:

-p22 here is the port the Secure Shell uses as default.

Replace “username” with your SSH username and “hostname” with the hostname or IP address of your server. Then enter the password for your SSH username.

Now you should see a prompt allowing you to enter commands.

Set The Developer Mode

1. Go to Magento root directory.

2. In the command line type the following:

Most common locations:

  • /public_html/your-magento-store-root-folder/
  • /www/your-magento-store-root-folder/
  • /var/www/your-magento-store-root-folder/
  • /home/your-username/www/your-magento-store-root-folder/
  • /home/your-username/public_html/your-magento-store-root-folder/

3. To change the mode to developer execute the command:


Run this command to find out the current mode of your store:

You’ll see the message:

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