Magento 1.x. How to Install Sample Static Blocks Manually

Here you can find the instructions on how to install sample static blocks manually.
  • The source code for blocks is located under the “sources/demo/static_blocks” folder in the template package.
  • Firstly, log into your Magento admin panel and navigate to the CMS > Static blocks section.

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  • Click on theĀ  Add New Block button.

  • Then, go to the Template settings page on the template Live Demo.

  • Copy Block Title and Identifier from the static block configuration table and paste it into the Block Title and Identifier options’ tex tfields.

  • Open the “sources/demo/static_blocks” folder. Then copy the code from the appropriate .phtml file and paste it into the Content field.
  • Click on the Save block button.

  • Add all static blocks listed on Template settings page the same way.
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