How to create theme localization

In this article, we will show how to create theme localization for the Joomla-based site.

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Method 1 – Language Overrides Tool.

Joomla CMS allows translating text constants via the admin panel easily. Login to Joomla admin panel.

  • Go to Extensions -> Languages, and open the Overrides tab.
  • In the language Filter select your language and click New button.
  • In the Search box – type the text which you want to change.
  • Then choose Constant or Value and press Search button.
  • Change the Text under Create a new Override and save changes.


Method 2 – New Language Installation.

You should download and then install new language pack for your Joomla site, follow this link and download pack which suits your current Joomla version.

  • From Joomla admin panel, navigate to Extensions -> Manage
  • Click Browse, after that open the directory where you saved the language package on your computer, double click on it and click Upload & Install button.
  • After the new language is installed, go to Extensions -> Language manager, you will see new language and the default language.
  • On this step, you will need to create New Content Language. Click the Content tab, then click green New button.
  • Create a new content language with unique parameters. For example, for German, the fields should be filled in this way
  • Click on Save and Close. You will see a message saying ‘Content Language successfully saved’.

Feel free to use one of the methods above to add localization to your Joomla site.

Method 3 – Language Files Duplicating.

  • Duplicates en-GB.tpl_themeXXXX.ini and en-GB.tpl_themeXXXX.sys.ini language files, located in \language\en-GB folder on your server. Copy them to \language\YOUR ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE folder, for example language\vi-VN.
  • Change or rename language prefix from en-GB to a desired language/country (locale) code, e.g., for Vietnamese it will look like: vi-VN.tpl_themeXXXX for both files (it should be the same as your language folder name).
  • Now you can open the file vi-VN.tpl_themeXXXX.ini via any code editor and alter or translate the text to fit your needs.

Now you can create theme localization by one of these three methods.

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