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Is Shopify Still Profitable 2023: Pros and Cons


Anyone planning to take their business to the next level is sure to have heard of the Shopify platform. After all, Shopify is regarded as the best website builder for an online store. With a Shopify theme, you can create a profitable online presence, complete with everything you need to create an amazing cash flow. Furthermore, this platform has been keeping afloat for years. But is Shopify still profitable?

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Let’s go through all the details and features of this platform together. So that you can draw the right conclusions and make the best decision for your business!

Shopify is the Best eCommerce Platform


Year after year, the question of whether Shopify is still profitable is an ever-present one. After all, everyone is impressed by the success of this platform, which has remained at a high level for many years. And most are watching Shopify’s development with interest.

Shopify is a popular and one of the most useful eCommerce tools. Moreover, this platform has many advantageous functional features. Ease of use, variety of ready-to-use solutions, fast speed of business improvement. All these are the characteristics of Shopify. Therefore, these and many other advantages make Shopify themes incredibly popular.

And also, Shopify is more than just a way to create and run an online shop. It’s developed to make it easier for business people to work in online sales. And then, make the business very profitable!

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2023 portends to be productive in all eCommerce processes. And of course, Shopify is the first contender for improvement. Some analysts have already provided information about Shopify 2023 and what to expect. But let’s see if Shopify is still profitable.And you will also find out the advantages and disadvantages of this platform in 2023.

Who is Shopify Best Suited for?

Shopify is a unique and versatile platform that is suitable for absolutely everyone.  Beginners and experienced traders alike will find the best solution for their business. After all, this platform has a huge number of prosperous features.

Firstly, thanks to the variety of features, unique equipment, and impressive editing tools, experienced professionals will find much to enjoy in a Shopify theme. Secondly, even those with no website-building experience will find it easy to use Shopify. This is possible thanks to a simple interface and easy development process. Moreover, all you need is some money, imagination, and desire. All basic aspects of a successful eCommerce business are provided by Shopify. So, given all the above benefits, is Shopify still profitable in 2023? I would confidently answer YES!

Is Shopify Still Profitable: Results for 2022

To ensure that is  Shopify still profitable, I suggest you take a look at the results of the year.

 2022 was a very productive year for the Shopify platform. After all:

  • For 2022, Shopify’s revenue is more than $3.231 billion. And that’s an 86% increase over the past two years.
  • More than 1.75 million businesses have used Shopify as their main selling platform.
  • More than 546 million shoppers have come and shopped at Shopify shops. 
  • Shopify hires and contracts over 7,000 people.
  • For 2022 results, Shopify outperforms all other competitors such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Wiki and Squarespace.
  • Envato has over 1600 unique Shopify themes.

Moreover, the Zemez team also made a breakthrough thanks to the potential of the Shopify platform. In 2022, perfect themes were created that became bestsellers. Which conquered a lot of business people. What’s more, these themes are leaders in 2023 as well.

I advise you to pay attention to themes such as :

Based on the stated successful results of the Shopify platform for 2022, we can again confidently say YES to the question is Shopify still profitable?

Shopify Advantages


The benefits the popular platform has to offer will help you understand exactly whether Shopify is still profitable in the new year.  After all:

  • Ease of use.  As mentioned above, this platform is equipped with many features that have a very clear customisation system. Moreover, users with different levels of website creation knowledge will be able to cope with the customisation.
  • Variety of offerings. There are a large number of Shopify themes available today. But also the demand from customers is increasing every year. Therefore, in the new year, there is always a chance to bring unique business ideas to life just with Shopify.
  • Integration with social media. Social media is the most lucrative niche for making money. Furthermore, social media is developing more and more every year. That’s why Shopify excels in this aspect as well!
  • A variety of payment options. Shopify supports over 100 payment options. A also provides its own Shopify Payments gateway.
  • Professional customer support. Experienced specialists are ready to solve any technical problem you may encounter. Moreover, our support specialists are constantly improving their knowledge to help you quickly and efficiently.

Shopify Disadvantages


To understand objectively whether is Shopify still profitable in 2023, we need to look at the disadvantages of the platform. And the good news is that there are very few disadvantages. After all, Shopify is designed with all businesses in mind. But there are still some points. For example:

  • Increasing cost. The price of premium themes or applications increases every year. This aspect can be problematic for business start-ups. However, most Shopify themes are reasonably priced and have the right amount of features that will fulfill all your wishes.
  • Data migration is difficult. If you want to migrate a business page to another platform, you’ll have to go to specialists and pay a lot of money. But with all the advantages of the Shopify platform, I’m sure you won’t want to leave!

In fact, the main reason to abandon the Shopify platform is if you don’t want a profitable business at all. Otherwise, I don’t know of any other reasons to abandon this platform.

Is Shopify Still Profitable 2023: Сonclusion

Shopify is a unique and profitable website platform. It is equipped with a huge number of benefits. Furthermore, with Shopify, you can reach the top of the e-commerce business. Even because this platform has been in the eCommerce market for a long time, it is the best. So, feel free to choose a Shopify-based theme and enjoy the process of making money.

Have you realized is Shopify still profitable in 2023?

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