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How to Change Sender Name in Outgoing WordPress Email

By default, WordPress uses WordPress as the sender name and wordpress@yourdomain.com for all the outgoing WordPress notification emails. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the default name and email address for the outgoing e-mails sent via WordPress.
There are 2 possible ways to change the sender information:

Using a plugin

You need to install and activate the CB Change Mail Sender plugin. Change Sender Name in Outgoing WordPress Email

After the plugin activation, you will see a new menu item with title CB Mail Sender in your WordPress Dashboard. Open it. You will need to enter the name and email address you want to be used for outgoing WordPress emails. Change Sender Name in Outgoing WordPress Email
Save the changes after providing your email address.

Changing sender information manually

In order to change sender information manually, add the following code to functions.php file within the “wp-content/themes/theme_name” folder:

Note, in case you’re using a child theme, you should edit the functions.php file under the child theme folder. It usually has a “-child” suffix in the folder name.

You will need to replace ‘admin@example.com‘ and ‘Admin Admin‘ with your information.

Don’t forget to save the changes in functions.php file.