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What to Study to Become a Professional SEO Specialist?


In this article, we are going to overview what is necessary to learn to become a professional SEO specialist. 

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Do you love the world of the Internet and are amazed every time you see a beautiful, well-structured website that is at the top of Google’s rankings? In that case, have no doubt: there is a potential SEO inside you.

More and more companies are developing their business digitally. In digital marketing, we have the figure of the SEO positioning expert. If you want to be the person who gets a company to be placed in the top positions of online searches and participate in its digital transformation process, you should know what to study to become an SEO specialist.

What is SEO?

An SEO is, in short, an expert in seducing Google. But let’s explain it to you in a more technical way. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it speaks very clearly about what this professional does. The SEO specialist is in charge of optimizing web pages to appear in one of the best positions in the Google search ranking when a person makes a search related to the theme of that site.

Let’s see it with an example: a person has a website related to hairdressing. Well, SEO works so that when people search the Internet for concepts related to that field (hairstyles, haircuts, best hair dyes, etc.), that page appears at the top of Google. SEO takes all kinds of web pages, so it can position a blog, an online store, a corporate page, and a long list of possibilities.

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What Studies Do You Need to Work On?

We have to be clear about one thing: to be SEO you don’t need to study a university degree or a vocational training cycle. What’s more, you won’t have to face buying term papers or essays. But it is very important to take many courses to acquire training in this field.

Do they have to be online courses? The truth is that, at least, it is the most interesting thing. The world in which you are going to move as a professional is the Internet after all. The more you are related to this scenario, the easier it will be to start and develop in it.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that SEOs rely on two things: their training and their experience. We do not put it in that order by chance. First, you have to acquire a lot of knowledge related to search engine optimization, and then apply it and test the results.

Keep in mind that the SEO performs a technical job, in which he has to master many specific concepts of his profession (keywords, anchor text, guest posting, indexability, link building, and many others).

They also have to handle daily various SEO programs that give them the data they need to guide their work, such as Ahrefs or SEMrush, as well as others that give them the tools to shape their work, such as WordPress. And to manage them, they must be trained first. Also, you can use a Sitetrail, one of the world’s leading marketing platforms that suggests you use these 10 top SEO tools for better results. 

Otherwise, as we have already told you, to be SEO you don’t need to go to university. But if you want to do it, you should know that the most appropriate careers to access a postgraduate degree in SEO are:

  • Marketing;
  • Advertising;
  • Journalism;
  • Computer Science;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Business Administration and Management.

What Qualities Should a Professional SEO Specialist Have?

Is everyone good enough to be a professional SEO specialist? At least, everyone has certain traits. Above all, an SEO has to be a person with an analytical mind. Their job is based on constantly analyzing data; data from which they have to conclude to carry out their own projects.

He/she also has to be a person who is good at experimenting. Google is constantly changing its algorithm. SEOs have to be constantly checking to see how the search engine is responding. It is also imperative that this is a person with patience. SEO is a discipline that does not yield immediate results. It gives them as a result of a job well done and that takes time.

Whatever you do, you are not going to get a page to appear at the top of Google the first time unless you pay specifically for it. And in that case, we are not talking about SEO but about SEM, which is something else. In addition, SEO has to strategically combine two qualities: observation and creativity. In their work, they have to pay close attention to what others are doing. Not precisely to copy them but to make a difference and be better.

Finally, an SEO must be a person in love with what he/she does. It is true that this can be said of all jobs. There are some in which it is especially noticeable that the passion for what is done is what usually leads to success. And SEO is one of them. Often the best results of those who are dedicated to SEO come from an idea they had some time ago and that made them vibrate as soon as they thought about it.

Be a Professional SEO Specialist Conclusion

SEO is important for a photographer, computer scientists, plumbers, greengrocers, and lawyers. In short, for everyone who wants to have a greater presence on the Internet.

As there are no limitations, neither professional nor personal, a good SEO professional will be able to work for a large number of clients. The competition on the Internet is getting bigger and bigger, so having the services of an SEO professional can be a great advantage when compared to other companies in the sector.

Although the figure of the SEO professional sometimes goes unnoticed. It is a fact that the importance it has within any business operating on the Internet is essential. In addition to being able to work for others, with SEO knowledge you can also position your own content on the Internet. Then sell it or make money with this in advertising.

Regardless of the option you choose, probably being a professional SEO specialist is one of the most promising professions that exist today.

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