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13 Ways How to Improve WordPress SEO


Nowadays, the issue of how to improve WordPress SEO is on the table. With more and more businesses taking up the online platform, there has been a drastic increase in internet traffic across the globe. This surely affects the access of the website to each visitor. It is necessary to optimize the website so that the page load doesn’t create any hindrance for the visitors.

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WordPress is vastly used to develop websites for different kinds of businesses. Nearly 45% of the websites are built on WordPress. It is most famous among bloggers fortune 500 companies. WordPress SEO is highly recommended to be used for the well-optimized performance of the website and fetch more and more traffic to the website. WordPress helps to develop optimized websites.

The Perfect Recipe How to Improve WordPress Performance

Let’s discuss some of the vital techniques on how to improve WordPress SEO.

Keywords. They describe the main topic of the website. It can be “apparel” or “recipe” or “photography”. When these keywords are looked at in the search engines, there are chances that your website will be shown in the search result depending on the level of optimization of the website. They should be present on every page of the website appropriately. So that the related pages are shown adequately in the search result. Also, it’s a good practice to use keywords in titles and meta descriptions. They are shown in the search results so that the pages appear more frequently in the searches. It is a primary step how to improve WordPress SEO.

Improve WordPress Search with the help of Plugins

Plugins. There are multiple plugins that are designed and supported for WordPress SEO. They are capable of optimizing the website and provide multiple features and suggestions to optimize the pages of the site. Some of the premium plugin versions provide good guidance on how to increase the page ranking in search results. Plugins are the best way to do work in a quicker way. They help to design the site maps and breadcrumbs. The most common ones are Yoast SEO and All in One SEO (AIO SEO). They are widely used across the globe.

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Image Optimization for WordPress

Image Optimization. All the images used in the website should appear vibrant and bright so as to look attractive on the website. For this, generally, developers use high-quality and HD images which may increase the overall size of the website and may result in slow access to the website. To avoid this, it’s wise to optimize the images before using them on the site. Optimize the images using appropriate tools or plugins which should reduce the size of the image but should not affect the quality of the image.

The Role of the Content in WordPress Website Optimization

Tag. These are used to add specific types of tags to each page of the website. Tagging helps the search engines to look for the keywords entered in the search bar and match them with the tags. Like a page having tags like #cotton #shirt will appear in the top result when searched for cotton shirts.

Heading Tags. It determines the size of the heading and subheadings on all the pages across the websites. Heading tags look like H1, H2, etc. This is a formatting option that is added to all the heading and subheadings to keep uniformity across all the titles, subtitles, and descriptions. These are also used by crawlers of search engines to read the heading text and display the result in the search engine outputs. These are very beneficial in terms of WordPress SEO as they present a clear picture of how the pages are organized.

Descriptions. It should always be well written and must contain the keywords as much as possible in an appropriate manner. Meta descriptions should also be composed very well as they appear in search results.

Breadcrumbs. It shows the navigation path of the current page which the visitor is seeing and how they can retrace back to the home page. By showing the breadcrumbs, visitors look for the other options as well that are displayed in it.

How the Links Affect the Better WordPress Web Performance

Internal/External Links. Internal links are the links to different pages of the website. Whereas external links are the link to pages of some other websites. These links are often used by search engines to crawl across the pages. That shows how many ways there are to reach your website. This way, it creates many more channels to reach your website. All these links should always be active and should not be broken. As it may result in a 404 error, i.e., page not found. If any of the links are broken and search engines encounter that. Then they reduce the ranking of the page to great extent. Answering the question “How to improve WordPress SEO”? The answer is –  a good WordPress SEO plugin. It helps to determine any broken links and suggests the developer add the missing address or remove the link completely.

Permalink Structure. It is a permanent URL link that directs to the web pages of the website. It may also link to a specific host or review or even to an image added on the website. These links are used by visitors to share on other platforms or social media pages to let others know about the items on the website. It is wise to design a descriptive URL with meaningful text rather than using a series of alphanumeric characters. This way, the links give an overview of what it may contain. Thus, it’s easier to understand a link for Astra theme like “http://localhost/themes/astra” rather than by “https://localhost/cat01/a01“. WordPress SEO also suggests links based on date and time which is very beneficial for daily or monthly bloggers.

The Importance of WordPress Themes for SEO

Theme. Theme plays a vital role in determining how the website will look like. It lets the business decide whether it satisfies their need to showcase their website, or any modification is required in the layout. Sites like textual blogs or eCommerce websites selling a few numbers of items can use heavy themes. But sites with a large number of products or high-quality images should use a lighter theme so that the site loads with optimum speed. There are plenty of themes available on the WordPress platform that improve the SEO as well.

Sitemap. A sitemap shows how the pages and subpages are connected to the main page of the website in a hierarchical fashion. It shows all the pages that are present on the website and the section in which they are included. The site maps are used mainly by search engine bots. They are also known as crawlers, which are used by search engines to look deeply into the website and provide exact detail in the search result. Also, with the presence of a sitemap, it becomes easier for the visitor to know and track the pages they are visiting.

Categories. All the pages of the website should be categorized properly. This way, it will be easier for the visitors to look at the pages based on the category of their interest. It’s also wise to add a menu on the website where categories can be shown. They may also contain subcategories like apparel and then Men, Women, Kids which will be more specific.

WordPress Hosting Provider

Hosting Provider. Once the website is created and optimized for WordPress SEO with all the above points, it is necessary to find a reliable host provider. There are various factors taken into consideration while choosing the host. If the website has a huge number of visitors accessing the site across the globe, it’s wise to choose an independent host rather than a shared one. This way, the site is more secure, robust, and reliable. All financial transactions should be encrypted to prevent any online data leakage or theft. In a shared host, they are more prone to data leakage and compromise of personal information. It is important to avoid storing personal details on a shared host. Another factor is that sometimes the speed diminishes on shared hosts and the amount of downtime is also more as compared to private ones.

Website developers should also focus on the overall weight of the site and try to minimize it by applying these WordPress SEO techniques. This way, the pages load faster when accessed across different platforms across different corners of the World. In this article, we tried to observe the most essential tools to solve the issue of how to improve WordPress SEO. Hopefully. this was helpful.

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