Displaying Smart Slider Widget

Smart Slider widget is the tool for creating attractive sliders and adding them to the website’s pages. To embed a slider you’ll need to have access to it.

Let’s learn more about Smart Slider Widget location.

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  1. Let’s start from entering WordPress Dashboard and navigating to Appearance tab. Here you’ll see Customize sub menu. Left-click on it.
  2. Now that you’ve entered Customizer, choose Widgets tab, and pick the location where you want your slider to appear. (e. g. Header Fullwidth Area, Before Content Area, etc.). 
    Make sure that you’ve opened a page that has the selected widget areas in the Live Customizer preview block on the right. If not, please, feel free to navigate to the necessary page.

    Smart Slider widget location

  3. Left-click on Add a Widget button, and you’ll see the list of widgets that you can display in the selected area. Scroll through them and find Smart Slider widget. Click on it. A slider will appear on your page in the selected widget area.
  4. Now you’ll need to customize it according to your needs.
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