Person Power Builder Module

Person Module embeds information about a person right to your website’s page. It creates a block where person’s photo, name, contacts and URL can be shown. There you can also set text that will tell your readers more about the person to whom this block is dedicated.
Power Builder Person Module Settings
  • Name — define the name of the person in the required field. It will be displayed in the module.Power Builder Person Module
  • Position — here you can indicate a position for the person. As a rule, it represents the level of professional responsibilities (e.g., CEO).  
  • Custom URL — in this field you need to fill in the URL link leading to the person’s  website.
  • Image URL — upload an image that will be displayed for this person module. You can also define the URL link that will lead to the image’s source.
  • Animation — here you can choose the type of animation you need to use for this module. As a result, the module will be displayed with the kind of animation you’ve selected from the dropdown list.
  • Text Alignment — in this block you can choose from the dropdown list the position of the text on your website’s page.
  • Text Color — here you can set if you want to use a dark or a  light version of the text color. As a result, you’ll have the needed color for your text, that will compliment the whole block.

Now you know how to add Power Builder Person module to your website’s pages.

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