Number Counter Power Builder Module

Number Counter module is the very thing that can create beautiful custom animated number counters. Just set the count and define the colors, fill in the title, and the first number counter is ready on your page.

From this tutorial you’ll learn how to adjust Power Builder Number Counter module to your purposes.

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Power Builder Number Counter Module Settings
  • Title — in this field you need to define the title for a number counter module.Power Builder Number Counter Module
  • Number — define the number to be displayed by the means of number counter. It will display counting to the limit number you’ve set in this field.
  • Percent Sign — turn the option on if you need to use a percent sign together with number counter. In this case, the number counter will be counting percents.
  • Counter Text Color — define the color of the text using color picker tool.
  • Use Icon — here you can enable or disable the icon.
This tutorial is based on LifeisWild Wild Life WordPress theme.
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