Divider Power Builder Module

To make your modules organization more evident you can use Divider module. It creates a divider between your page’s content, making it more noticeable and organized. Navigate to its settings to enable its visibility and select the color for it. You can also enable or disable it on various devices.

From here you’ll learn how to change Power Builder Divider module settings according to your needs.

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Power Builder Divider Module Settings
  • Color — click on the button to define the color for a divider. A color picker tool will open, and you’ll be able to set the color, that will suit your website’s general appearance.Power Builder Divider Module
  • Visibility — here you can choose if you want a divider to be visible on your website’s page.
  • Height — here you can choose the amount of space to be added under the divider. Thus, a divider will look more pronounced on the page between the content blocks.
    Make sure, that the height value differs at least by 1 px for different dimensions. 

  • Custom Margin — in the required fields define the margins for a divider in pixels. As a result, a divider will have the margins you’ve set for it, but they will be fixed for all the screen resolutions.
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