Countdown Timer Power Builder Module

Countdown Timer module is invaluable when you want to remind your visitors of an event that will be held soon. Fill in the title for your timer, choose the date and the proper time, and select the colors for the timer itself and its background.

Learn how to create countdown timers with Power Builder Countdown Timer module from this article.

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Power Builder Countdown Timer Module Settings
  • Timer Title — in this field you can define the title that will be used for the Countdown Timer  module.Power Builder Countdown Timer Module
  • Countdown To — fill in the limit to which Countdown Timer will work in this field. Thus you’ll establish the countdown timer time.
  • Use Background Color — here you can enable background color for a Countdown Timer. As a result, a custom background color will be applied.
  • Background Color — click on the button and define the background color with color picker tool.
  • Layout — here you can choose a specific layout for a countdown timer from this dropdown list. It can be either flat or circle, depending on your preferences.
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