Creating a Contact Form with Contact Form 7 Plugin

Do you need to display the fields for your visitors to be filled in on your website’s page? In this case, you might need to use a contact form.

A contact form is a complex of fields, where a visitor can input different kinds of information. They can require information about visitor’s name, phone number, address or email. To send the filled information a visitor has to click on Submit button.
In this post, we’ll find out how to create a simple and effective contact form with Contact Form 7 plugin.

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First, you have to know that to create a form you’ll need to use Contact Form 7 plugin. Install and activate it before beginning to create a contact form.

Contact Form Settings
Creating a Contact Form with Contact Form 7
  1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard, and find Contact tab.
  2. In the Contact Forms submenu you’ll see the list of the existing contact forms. They can be embedded into any page of your liking using a shortcode.
  3. Add New menu offers you to create a new contact form with the fields you want. There are four general tabs allowing to add content to the contact form and customize it.
Displaying a contact form
  1. To add an existing contact form to the page, you’ll need to input the shortcode to the content field.
  2. Copy the shortcode of a contact form you’ve saved, that will be displayed below the title.
  3. Proceed to Pages tab, choose the existing page where you need to put a contact form or add a new page, and paste the shortcode you’ve copied in the content field.
  4. Click on Publish button and view the changes.
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