Creating Forms Using Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7 plugin helps you create and manage contact forms of different complexity.

From this tutorial you can learn how to manage contact forms using Contact Form 7 plugin.

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Form Options

Create forms using Contact Form 7 plugin
Here you can create a form that will meet your requirements. Use the buttons (they are called tag generators) to insert the elements you need into the form.

  • Text — form-tag generator for the text field, here a visitor will be able to input a text message.
  • Email — form-tag generator for email, the tag creates a field where an email is required.
  • Tel — form-tag generator for phone numbers, in this field a visitor will be able to input his telephone number.
  • Date — form-tag generator for date input, here a visitor will be able to pick a date.
  • Text area — form-tag generator for text areas, this area can be used for entering the larger text excerpts.
  • Drop-down menu — form-tag generator for drop-down menus.
  • Checkboxes — form-tag generator to add checkboxes.
  • Acceptance — form-tag generator to create acceptance checkbox.
  • Quiz — form-tag generator to create a quiz.
  • ReCapthca — form-tag generator to add a captcha.
  • File — form-tag generator for adding files.
  • Submit — form-tag generator for creating submit button, when clicking on which a visitor will send you his information.

As you can see, you can manage forms using Contact Form 7 plugin without using HTML or CSS. Just choose the fields to which you want to add to a contact form, and then save the changes.

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