Managing Additional Settings Tab in Contact Form 7

You can apply additional settings for each contact form.

Contact Form 7 additional settings allow you to use code snippets in the necessary format in the Additional Settings block.

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Contact Form 7 Additional Settings

Contact Form 7 additional settings
Here you can add code snippets and use them for extra customization.

  • demo_mode: on — set this mode if you need to skip the process of sending a message. Instead, Completed Successfully notice will be shown.
  • acceptance_as_validation: on — set these settings if you want acceptance checkboxes to display validation and error messages. In this case, a visitor won’t miss the necessary checkboxes.
  • do_not_store: true — here you can restrict storing messages for the contact form you’re editing. As a result, the messages won’t be stored anywhere.

Now you know how to manage Contact Form 7 additional settings and use code snippets as well as ordinary customization.

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